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Sunday, 26 June 2011

200 viewers and counting!!!!

Unbelievable! Its been 8days and my posts have gathered up 200 views.
The Audience is from all over the world, thank you very much for keeping me motivated so I can keep documenting my experiences and techniques.

   I thought I would use this space to acknowledge those whom prompted me to start this blog.
> Poker players often remind me of actors. I guess it takes a some level of acting to bluff from the flop all the way to the river. Check this blog, its amazing and the blogger is both my girlfriend and the one whom inspired me to get blogging. (!

The vast majority of my audience are individuals from countries that don't speak ENGLISH as a first language. So check this site if you are interested in visiting Cape Town, South Africa to learn English and tour. There are many casinos throughout the country and it is quite a vacation!

Thank you
May the FLOPS be with you!

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