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Friday, 17 June 2011


Welcome to my blog.
I am a 21year old University student with a passion and love for the game of poker.
I decided to put my thoughts and experiences of the game to paper -
I don't claim to be a professional, as that means its no longer for the love of the game but for the love of money.

I been involved in the game for about 5years watching, learning, even studying this brilliant ART FORM.

> In order for me to relay an in depth analysis of different situations I have found myself in, at the table or online, I will recall past games while noting my current and daily experiences. In addition, the inclusion of the occasional tips.

I have read and researched many "professional players" and their strategies that helped them win big events. my goal is to equip you for the average 'charlie' you encounter at your local house game, or your favourite online site.

So all that is left to say is "LETS SHUFFLE UP AND BLOG" 

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