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Saturday, 18 June 2011

the prodigy player!

Tonight I hosted a poker evening with a few of my mates, about 7 of us in total....  It was the most action packed poker session I have seen in ages practically every hand had about R50 in the middle - players      re-buying plenty of times.

Little bro in massive pot flipping his pair.

The evening for me went well,first giant hand I was involved in A2 suited found me a flush on the turn. I was knocking my opponents with everything. Won three or four hands with flushes and trips racking up as much as I could....
*my goal for the evening was to maximise my wins, and minimise the loses.
Here is where the story begins: My little bro was one of the six opponents, I have been coaching him since he was about 6 years old (his 10 now). Honestly, the poker gods were watching over him, consecutively 4 times he managed to pick up pockets (9.9 & J.J)...
He played the role of a calling machine! Involved in just about every hand with the blinds at R1/R2 and R2/R4 - when he won the pots were huge. Hammering his authority with Full Boats and Sets (trips).

- His style of play is a very aggressive one, but not pre-flop. he will look to call a cheap flop, hit (damn, that boy hits every time). and then he bets at you, HARD! I have always believed in a firm pre-flop game but he proved me wrong tonight.

Want to know how I got beat. A POOR READ!!! Sad I know, but I did something ridiculous - I doubted my initial read.
> I had [As.8s] raised pre-flop, one caller, the table's chip leader. Board comes [2d. 6h. 8c]...
- I'm sitting with top pair top kicker. The chip leader bets i raise he raises over my head. I enter deep into thought trying to put him on a hand - immediately i tell him you have a pockets, begging for a twitch.
Things that are racing through my mind ->
*What did he do pre-flop? Did I notice any weak expressions, or were they strong? What range of hands has he been playing tonight? When last did he win a pot? Does he have me covered? Is he bluffing with over cards? Did he make a loose call and hit two pair? Did he hit a set? If i push all in will he back off?
I reckon to myself push ALL IN!!
The eventual winner
>To little surprise he flips over pocket 9s.... I was beat. only had 6outs. it was GAME OVER as the turn and river were both blanks =(.

However, I withdrew a lot of information and further understanding into all of my regular poker buddys, the greatest part was watching my 10year old brother dominate the table. You ask did he go on to win it? Unfortunately not, it got late and he became tired and distracted. We called it a night.

*lesson - "The more you play the luckier you get"
 * "We are only limited by fear, some play like a 10year old with no fear lol"

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