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Sunday, 19 June 2011

suited connectors

High risk, high reward. I was told as a youngster you have to be in it to win it!
Suited connectors are cards like 4.5 6.7 8.9 and favourite 9.10 of the same suit. The art of using these cards in your game is regarded as an advanced style, owing to the fact you really need to understand your outs and be able to read your opponent well.

>Unlike premium hands, using suited connectors your aim is to hit the flop hard, talkin flush or straight draws. Playing with these low valued cards can cost you as they not guarantees. Your probably going to lose more than win with these cards. Therefore your goal is to make the times that you do win count.
* I have seen, even experienced A.A get cracked by a mere 8.9 suited as the board showed him a straight or flush.

Many professionals have adopted this style of play into their game, players like Daniel Negreanu. One of my favorite players to watch because of his ability to play connectors and read his opponents. Now I am no pro but I love having these hands as part of my armory.

I try to keep it as simple as possible though, stay away from very low connectors like 2.3 or 3.4 even 4.5... This is for personal reasons as 9/10 times these hands get cracked by high connectors. We all have preferences I guess! However, hands like 6.7, 7.8, 8.9 and 9.10 I tend to play pretty frequently. There are many specifics to consider though before making a call preflop. My number one rule is not to call more than 7% of my chip stack - this is because even though these hands have great potential you are very far behind.(Try not to get involved too many times when the pre-flop raise is more than 2.5x the big blind) You also need to consider where your seated at the table and against who, or how many players your going to be facing - this is important facts, you need to be certain that when you win its a substantial amount to allow you the bankroll to continue adopting suited connectors in your game plan.
* If not the most vital component to this strategy, YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO FOLD! Now this may sound ridiculous, but I have seen many a player chasing straights all the way to the river, paying ridiculous amounts for each card.

After a decent flop chasing a straight you have 8outs, and flush 9, but its not worth putting your entire chip stack on the line in hopes of HITTING the turn or river.
*my rule: if you miss the flop, FOLD.

>I have only had the honour of catching a straight flush once in my short lifetime lol, will never forget it. Was online I had [Jh.10h] the board came [7h, 9h, As], my opponent who played tight the whole day, pushes all in. I have him covered but will be left with small change if I lost. I decide to chase the straight flush. He flips [Ah,9d] for two pair... At this stage he has me nailed to the floor. the turn [9s] his got the full house. I am gutted! Swearing at myself in disblief at "the weakest call I have ever made". However the river my friend, [8h], I could not believe my eyes... I went on to win that tournament. Obviously was my day lol.

Its ridiculously early in the morning here in SA, my round of golf was just cancelled on account of bad weather. Maybe I will catch a tournament online now...


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