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Friday, 17 June 2011

poker night!!!

Tonight at 7.30pm the first hand will be dealt.
The blind structure is set: R1/R2 R2/R4 R3/R6 R4/R8 (25min each) followed by the infamous POWER HOUR R5/R10 and R10/R20.
During power hour this is where it makes or breaks a players chips stack, separates the men from the boys, there are often only 2 or 3 players left.
We will see what happens tonight!! All of the players tonight have been performing on the ONLINE stage. Placing and winning tournaments - should be a cracker.

I have played in many 'poker nights' and house games both high staked and low. There are simple rules to follow in order to be successful, namely: follow all the house rules, and follow your own game play rules in terms of tournament play.

There is a distinct difference in the way one would approach a tournament structure and a cash game structure. With a tournament every hand counts its the equivalent of a TEST match in cricket. Slow patient and controlled. Especially in a freeze-out your goal is to out SURVIVE the other competitors. Where as with a cash game sums of chips can be accumulated and lost with single hands and players have open entry and exit from the table. (Cash games have never been my strong suit)...

*In order to be successful in your local game with a similar blind structure, you need some kind of a game plan. With me, I consider the blinds R1/R2 and R2/R4 as the levels where by I explore different hands, by doing this I can gather information on my opponents range of hands (the hands he plays and how). I will look to see as many flops as I can with any playable hand, as long as I have enough cash in my pocket for a RE-BUY in case I blowout. My goal by starting so loosely is to A. Build a solid chip stack to work from, B. Depict to the other players at the table my 'lose style' and C. To get the mind working (calculations).
Once these levels have passed and things get a little bit more expensive like R6 and R8 to see a flop can damage your chip stack if you get too involved. So this is the stage where by I tighten up a little - only get involved in decent hands and whilst sitting in good position. (ie: the later to act the better).
By using this basic plan by the time power hour comes if its your night you would have a significant chip stack and be able to dictate play with these high blind levels.
- the way to play in power hour is a whole chapter I would need to explain, soon.

Remember to stay observant of the happenings at the table and calculated in your moves!

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