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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Maniac - table bully

Picture this, your seated at a table of about 8players and the table leader is playing so many hands, betting wildly put chip stacks at risks constantly. Can you blame this table bully - all his doing is simply applying pressure on his opponent and pouncing on any sign of weakness. his style: Loose-Aggressive.

*First, you need to identify whether they are maniacs or simply loose-aggressive players. There are many pros that can be put in this category, Daniel Negreanu- likes to see flops and isn't afraid to inject chips into the pot. Yet his still disciplined - if he senses any strength in his opponent or misses the flop completely, HE FOLDS.
Where as, a maniac fires on each street, every hand he plays - which is most!
> In the identifying stage you need to be sure he always plays this aggressive and that he hasn't just hit a run of good cards.... I have watched players getting premium hands five, even ten hands consecutively.

Playing against: Many players fear this encounter because their entire stacks are always at risk. However, a better way of seeing things, the maniac is constantly giving opportunities for you to win their stack. The safest method to play this type of player - stay out of the way until you get a premium hand. My biggest concern with this strategy is there is a chance the maniac picks up a hand - you never know when he does, so in my opinion the time you STRIKE is when you sense any sign of weakness on his part.
Once you have a premium hand, act timid and make reluctant calls and checks, he will do the betting. I have never been a fan of SLOW PLAY.

Being the bully: If you have a lot of chips in front of you, a significant chip advantage on the other players at the table - get involved in a few extra hands. try attacking the majority of pots and keep the pressure on your opponents. Once your loose strategy becomes apparent, tighten your hands up - be sure you'll get action when the next monster hand arrives.

>Your table image is vitally important in poker, as this is used by other players to place you on a hand. So try changing it up now and then - a confused opponent is one who can make mistakes trying to adjust!

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