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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A winning mindset!

Poker is as much psychological as it is strategic. The frame of mind you have while sitting at the table will have a tremendous effect on the result. This post doesn't only apply to poker but to life in general. The key to positive think opens the door to positive outcomes!
Stress is something people experience regularly, when we stress we aren't thinking straight. At the poker table when we don't think straight we don't play our proper game. In the poker world stress can be brought on from happenings at the table or transferred from our 'off the table lives' - the only way to counter it would be to stay POSITIVE.

Sitting at a table, and getting beat by a bad player, can send you to tilt, and cause you to lose even more hands because your not in the right frame of mind. I have seen it both online and live, people are Stunned to see their AA get nailed (almost as if the odds were a million-to-one).

I think I have mentioned this before, poker is about winning the maximum and losing the minimum. Just as life there are UPs and DOWNs, its how we react and deal with them that influences its effects the most.
*Honestly, and I am speaking from experience you will go days with poor results, weeks, even months, and then that's followed by a few days of great results - winning so much you feel invincible and unbeatable. You have to take the bads with the same positive approach as the good.
-consider this, you play and lose money, then u decide to play with more money trying to break even. Odds are you end up leaving having lost double the initial loss. KNOW WHEN TO CALL IT A DAY.
When your on a down session, what are you going to do? Play 24hours forcing things to come right? Change your style because you think its not working? (However, that exact style won you a tournament the night before)...
-If your losing or feel like your being subjected to a run of bad luck, take a TIME OUT - rather be a small loser, than try break even and fix something that is more mental than fundamental, and become a BIG loser.

My girlfriend told me this tonight after I said 'I'm playing such shit poker', CLEAR YOUR MIND, A BREATH!
* Tomorrow is another day. There is no point in playing when your in a negative frame of mind, as the results will be negative.

>clear positive attitude, stay away from the negatives as it can only affect you negatively. Don't be reluctant to take a break whereby you re-gather calmness and focus. To get back to playing that Winning poker, you know your more than capable of.

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