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Monday, 20 June 2011


Today I took the time out to re-think where i made mistakes in Friday nights poker session, i struggled to come up with flaws in my game of that night that i could highlight to you.
What I remember very clearly though is that one of my opponents played almost every single hand, and when they were in a hand they saw it pretty much all the way to the river.
This type of player is called a CALLING STATION - the name being self explanatory (they call pretty much everything you throw at them).

I decided to do a little homework on them and how to beat them and gathered the following information.
They many tactical mistakes, and in my opinion your opponents mistakes generally I'm meant to capitalise.
* There mistakes include calling too often, calling when they should raise and even when they should fold.
- basically, they chase hands with little to no chance of winning.
Example: They have [As.2d] the board [9h. 2h. 7c], but this doesn't deter them - they make the call hoping for what would be a miracle.
- The biggest mistake however is when they have the BEST hand and just call, not raising there can and often does, lose you the hand!!

The combating part is easy because when you win its at maximum, and when you lose you can only lose minimum - this being because your not faced with raises.

* There isn't much advice I can hand you, except, when you have a winning hand and you facing a calling station - bet till you cant bet anymore.... get as much out of it as possible.

> Honestly though, and I have seen this countless times, DO NOT bluff a calling station!

# I hope you are not a calling station, lol. I have this philosophy: You either raise, or fold. calling is a sign of weakness

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