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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ivey back in the winners circle!!!

Well done to Phil Ivey, 2011 was a year of drama for his career hanging up his tournament playing boots and now his back stronger than ever. Ivey returned to action in November at the APPT Macau despite not cashing he put in a good performance. This month is looking bright for his 2012 season. First, he placed 12th in the Main Event of the Aussie Million and then a few days later went on to claim his highest purse in his career of $2,000,000 in the Super High Roller event, 2012 Aussie Millions $250,000 Super High Roller.

The event attracted 16 players with only 3 cashing out, the 3rd place claimed $800,000 - not bad considering. Among the entrants were Erik Siedel, Sam Trickett, Tom Dwan, Jason Mercier, Daniel Negreanu, Patrik Antonius, Gus Hansen, John Juanda and Sorel Mizzi, including several other businessmen.
Among the stars taking part in the event were last year's champion Erik Seidel, last year's runner-up Sam Trickett, Tom Dwan, Jason Mercier, John Juanda and Sorel Mizzi. In addition, the event had a handful of businessmen on the felt, including Richard Yong, Paul Phua and Winfred Yu

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--> these are all very big names in the poker world, proving the field to be tough. Play came down to an intense heads up battle between Ivey and Gus Hansen. Gus is considered a formidable heads up opponent.
Ivey vs Gus

Well done to Phil Ivey!!

Aussie Million's million dollar cash game

I wish my home cash game could be so high staked that we have to round amounts off to the nearest thousand!
After elimination from the 10K tournament a couple of the high stake players decided to have a cash game which resulted in some serious cash outs!

Jsaon Mercier
Jason Mercier was again a big winner cashing out $423,100 while Daniel Negreanu cashed out $250,000. Tom Dwan left with roughly what he sat down with, while Patrik Antonius cashed out $156,100 as Sam Trickett finished as top dog with $558,300.
The game got so big it needed to move into the Mahogany Room! Along with TV crews....
Here are a couple names that were seated at the table:

Patrik Antonius

Player Buy-In

1.Sam Trickett           $340,000

2.Kwan Yong             $280,000

3.Daniel Negreanu      $187,000


5.Elton Tsang            $205,000

6.Patrik Antonius       $185,000

7.Daniel Cates          $170,000

8.Jason Mercier        $292,000

Friday, 27 January 2012

Update on Aussie Millions Main Event

Phil Ivey

Only 12 players remain in this million dollar event, including past winner Lee Nelson and the infamous Phil Ivey...

Table Seat Name Chip Count
31 1 Daniel Idema 1,840,000
31 2 Lee Nelson 1,651,000
31 3 Oliver Speidel 809,000
31 4 Karim Jomeen 2,063,000
31 5 Bjorn Li 2,471,000
31 6 Mile Krstanoski 755,000
32 1 Janis Lesinskis 1,501,000
32 2 Mohamad Kowssarie 2,230,000
32 3 Phil Ivey 699,000
32 4 Yann Dion 2,670,000
32 5 Patrick Heary 1,565,000
32 6 Kenneth Wong 1,498,000

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Yann Dion currently has the chip lead with 2,670,000 chips, whilst in contrast Phil Ivey is short stack at the end of day 4 with 699,000. Fingers crossed that Ivey can grind his way back up the leader board. The main event attracted a total of 659 with a prize pool of $659,000. (First Prize is AU$1,600,000)

Top Chip Counts

1Yann Dion 2,670,000
2Bjorn Li 2,471,000
3Mohamad Kowssarie 2,230,000
4Karim Jomeen 2,063,000
5Daniel Idema 1,840,000
6Lee Nelson 1,651,000
7Patrick Healy 1,565,000
8Janis Lesinskis 1,501,000
9Kenneth Wong 1,498,000
10Oliver Speidel 809,000

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Top Chip Counts
1 Yann Dion   2,670,000

Yann Dion

2 Bjorn Li   2,471,000
3 Mohamad Kowssarie   2,230,000
4 Karim Jomeen   2,063,000
5 Daniel Idema   1,840,000
6 Lee Nelson   1,651,000
7 Patrick Healy   1,565,000
8 Janis Lesinskis   1,501,000
9 Kenneth Wong   1,498,000
10 Oliver Speidel   809,000

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Aussie Millions 2012

The start of the poker year opens with Aussie Millions at Crown Casino, Melbourne. I was really hoping to make the trip but that didn't materialise (hopefully next year). This is the biggest series in the southern hemisphere and attracts players from all around the world. I think the most talked about entrant was the return of Phil Ivey, said to be the Tiger Woods of poker. It is a relief to see his name in poker headlines for actually playing in a tournament and not for the past years drama regarding Fulltilt poker!

Currently the main event #8, day 1d is Live. It is the final of the starting day and consists of 7 levels. Already in the field are seasoned professionals: Phil Ivey, Jason Mercier, Daniel Negreanu, Joe Hachem and Erik Siedel. Ivey got off to a great start and snatched an early chiplead, this is great news as having in back on top as that places pressure on the rest of the field.

Phil Ivey, Jason Mercier, Daniel Negreanu, Joe Hachem, Erik Seidel, Nam Le and Daniel Alaei

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Ivey and Negreanu

There are plenty non-poker celebrities involved in this tournament. Yesterday I came across a tweet by Australian Cricketer Shane Warne: "My aces got cracked by Phil Ivey's 8 6 of hearts - both all in... Bang - horror I should have folded.."
I will try stay as up-to-date with the latest outcomes in Melbourne.
>> Good luck to Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu.