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Friday, 17 June 2011

night of bad beats

I know this post comes long before the explanations of strategies and tips.
but i just crashed out of a online tournament ridiculously pure bad luck.

Although it appeared to be a good night of poker with Strong Hands hitting me left, right and centre - I encountered LADY LUCK and she had other plans.
the tournament started at 12am CAT (late I know but thats my favourite time to play > I will explain that another day)

So this is how my evening went... started solid chip leader within 30minutes of play cruising on about 25000chips (chip average 4000)....
- Proud as a panda i get dealt A A : (now you never really know how to play this hand. WSOP its alot easier because with a significant pre-flop raise only strong hands call), back to the action, a player raises 2x Big Blind (BB), I decide raise over his head 5x BB, after thought he calls me. flop: 6,9,10. he checks, I put him on AK, AQ, JJ or something along those lines... I bet big. expecting a poor call or fold. he pushes ALL IN.
I have him cover 8x so i call. i turns over 10 10.... damn am I stunned... the start of beat beats -

I managed to revive my chip stack with a sneaky play of As.3s suited nailing a flush on the Turn (2s,Qs,8d,9s,5d).....
....then 3 or 4 hands later: Q.Q significant preflop raise in early position get two callers flop (4s,9d,5h) Best looking board I could ask for. I push the two 'river rats' call both all in... they show Ah.Qs and Ad.Ks, the turn is a BLANK and the river is a K.

Went from cruising chip leader to K.O in 10hands - TOUGH!

After this 'experience' - the next few posts will be on PREMIUM HANDS.
Could the saying NO PLACE FOR AN ACE be true???  

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