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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Bounce back with quad eights...

Apologies for the long delay between posts, but I had nothing positive to say about poker before last night. I was crashing out early online and not even seeing top 3 of weekly poker nights. My moral was damaged, things were going so downhill at the velvet table that I considered taking a lengthy break. But my gf reassured me: "your putting too much pressure on yourself, relax and let your talent shine".
The situation was terrible. I would hit a set of Aces and get rivered with quad 2s. Or land a flush draw on the flop and watch the turn n river without completing the flush.
A tweet from Daniel Negreanu: *Message to all poker players who have been or are running bad. Everyone goes through it but it never lasts forever. Focus and stay tough.*... I then decided to take a week off of poker meaning no online, no live. Only contact I had with the beautiful game was watching live feeds of the WSOP online.( I declined two big invites, using the break to relieve pressure and clear the mind of any negative thoughts of bad beats.

Then at yesterdays poker night as Daniel predicted the bad run never lasted forever... One hand changed everything. Boosted my morale, confidence and bankroll lol. Roughly an hour in I'm dealt 8c8h (in middle position) and I rasie preflop. Narrowing the callers to two. The table bully and the chip leader. The flop comes 7c8s9c. The player in early position raises Pot size. I bump it 2x he, the late position (chipleader) calls. I get re-raised all in. Snap call... Pots up to about R500. They open Ac9d and Jh10c... The turn comes 8d. GIVES ME QUADS and instantaneously I rake in the gigantic pot. CONFIDENCE! The rest of evening I could sit back, see several pots only playing certainties. End of the night played heads up. And decided to call it a night.
My objective for the night was to play my regular strategic game even though I felt it hadn't been working. Another thing I focused on was to only play certain hands in certain positions. I will go into depth on position in my next post. OUT OF POSITION IS OUT OF ACTION.
I now understand, bad runs never last forever - just stay positive and positive things will happen that will jump start a GREAT RUN OF FORM...

Hope this serves as a guiding star to poker players grinding through a tough patch in their game!!!

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