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Thursday, 1 September 2011

In The Zone

I havent been playing much poker because of University, but this week was my vacation and I wanted to get as much play time in as possible. Tuesday I decided to purchase some online credit and spend the evening playing online poker.
> Started off like a house on fire, it felt as if I couldn't lose a hand. The cards were coming hard and fast, so fast that I can't even call my style of play TIGHT. I sat down with a R50 on the R1/R2 table. After about an hour of play I had R300, after an hour and a half R500.
*I experienced something that I've never even witnessed before. I get KK on the button two players push ALL IN preflop, the pot is about R400!! so I send R200 of my stack both players flip over JJ (drawing dead!)....
By the end of the evening I had about R750. Unfortunately, being greedy and a tad out of control I had set a target of R1000 for the day. As I'm sure you already guessed I crashed it all. Made a ridiculous strategic mistake in that i move to the R20/R40 table and got bullied by players with over R3000 in front of them.

My confidence took a bit of a hammering, but I kept positive and erased the negative part of the evening from memory. Then, last night I decided to go with two Buddy's to the casino. Sitting at the R10/R20 table with a R1000. The players that a casino poker table attract is very diverse and require a lot of skill if one is to be successful in the long run.
- My table  had a girl on my right that from what I could observed was a regular and played a pretty tight style. There was a serious guy next to me, a player that has a belief ACEs hold up 100% of the time. (they don't) He was pretty lose though. Then two elderly guys one super tight named Paul, and Mike, Mike was lose and loved throwing money into the middle - by the end of the night his name was 9.5 off suit. Mid way through the session a seasoned PRO, an Englishman, I really wish I got his name but I have seen him many a time on TV. And then my two friends.

The night never started that great, never got any hands and when I did I never hit the board or a flush or straight draw was on deck. My R1000 quickly depleted to R200 where I was the short stack at the table. A brave push on the Straight draw with 10.9 off suit landed on the turn - I doubled up and it started the momentum!
There were so many hands that I got involved in, too many to recall because I treated each hand as a separate one so as not to tilt when the run of good cards dried up.
There were two hands however that I will discuss: First, I straddled (UTG) and received [Qd.3c] three callers but once the action got to me I bumped it up 3x POT SIZE. Only one caller the English pro! Flop comes [Qs.Ad.7c], he checks I bet 1/2 pot size. He raises to pot size. I push ALL IN. Roughly R700 on top. After a long tank he folds. And shows me [Q.5]. He was beating me, and after I showed him my hand his response was "You have a quite a bag of tricks up your sleeve".
-That hand was both good and bad, in that my table appearance loosened up making my opponents cautious and more aggressive when they up against me.

The final hand I was involved in, I receive [9c.9s] in early position and bump the action to 11x BB (R220). one caller! Paul, the super tight player. the flop comes down [10s.10d.5s] I bet R300 and get re-raised to R700. I considered the flat call but I decide its all or nothing and Re-Raise ALL IN to about R2000 and odd. Paul tanks for about 5minutes before laying down JJ face up.
The table including the pro was pretty impressed with the way I built back up from R200 all the way to R4400...

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