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Friday, 5 August 2011

know when to throw in the towel..

Poker is a ridiculously exciting and addictive game as I am sure you have already found out. I learn my lesson the hard way everytime. I find myself absorbed into the game after starting a strong run of form, I told my friend "when I start winning I can get out of hand and just want all the chips at the table".
Over the past few days I have hit an expensive bad run of form both online and at the casino. My luck online has been atrocious, I played the R1/R2 blinds until I took my R50 to R300. Then moved to the R3/R6 table where I built it up to R1200 and finally the R5/10 blinds. To many making R1150 is a remarkable achievement, but for some reason because I was running so strongly I wanted to make R5000 before I called it a night. This obviously wasn't the case else I would obviously have made a different title to this post. I lost all of the R1200. Even though at one point I raked up approximately R2000 in front of me...
The hand went like this I'm dealt [Kc5c] board comes [Ac3c4c]... I have the NUT FLUSH. Bet about a third of my stack, one caller. Turn [3d]. I bet the 2nd third of my stack. River brings a Queen... I push all in and get a snap call from this calling station. He shows. [Qs3s] for the full boat... In complete and utter disgust I logged off! I'm still replaying the hand in my head, its incredibly confusing as to his motive behind the calls.

Then tonight myself and a buddy decide to spend some time at the casino, now honestly I'm not a fan of cash games at the casino because of the type of player it attracts - the rich money doesn't matter player, who will call just because they can afford it. Anyway, we play. For about 2hours I receive absolutely nothing better than [87]suited... Eventually I get 10s. Push all in, get called by 3 players with AJ, A7 and KQ. An Ace on the river won it of course. My summary: the poker gods were not watching over me. Not only was I card dead, but when I did receive cards they struggled to hold up.
At least my mate made a substantial profit for the night which made it worth the trip.

There's nothing I can really do about this run of poor luck and bad decision making. Its essential that I regroup by regaining my focus, confidence and maintaining my playing style. Know that it works, it merely needs support from the deck to be profitable....

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