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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

WCOOP 2011

Even though I never got the opportunity to participate in the series of tournaments of all variations, I watched ever one of them, I followed my felt idol Daniel Negreanu mailto:%7B@KidPoker}. The man is a legend live and online and he proved it this year. He managed to cash 15times over the 62 tournaments. (He never played in all of them obviously). I have him on twitter as well, reading his tweets kept me updated on what was happening while I wasn't near a PC.

Negreanus results:
768 WCOOP-03: $215 NL Hold'em
107 WCOOP-06: $215+R NL Hold'em
72 WCOOP-08: $215 Triple Stud
89 WCOOP-11: $320 NL Hold'em
362 WCOOP-14: $265 NL Hold'em
62 WCOOP-25: $215 PL Omaha
95 WCOOP-30: $530 NL Hold'em
4 WCOOP-41: $10,300 NL Hold'em
17 WCOOP-44: $320 NL Hold'em
23 WCOOP-50: $215 NL Hold'em
21 WCOOP-51: $320 PL Omaha H/L
104 WCOOP-52: $320 NL Hold'em
34 WCOOP-53: $530+R NL Hold'em
183 WCOOP-60: $215 NL Hold'em
5 WCOOP-61: $10,300 8-Game

The World Championship of Online Poker was established in 2002 and attracts large numbers of players from all over the world, much more than a Live tournament could because this is from the convenience of your own space. It was interesting to see that despite the online poker laws passed in the USA there were still many US players.
I would really like to be involved in the tournaments next year, as i have learnt a lot from observing. Mainly that even though some of these players are seasoned professionals they are not immune to fatigue and mistakes. Some of the tournaments are over 10 hours long.
*Now that is called grinding
Players like 2010 WSOP winner, Johnathan Duhamel. played from the time they woke up till late at night, non stop online poker, now that is work.
Important things to take into consideration when playing these marathon long tournaments is that its important to stay hydrated and fed snacking and several cups of coffee will keep the body and mind active enough to keep focus.
In conclusion, here are a few tips on how to be successful in big online tournaments: Use all the online statistics that are available, with it there are stats on every opponent online what tournaments they play, how often even how many flops they generally see. In addition while playing an event continuous NOTE making will make decision easier. History sometimes becomes habit...

I will be trying to participate in way more big online poker events rather than small cash games. Struggling to find rhythm in online cash games. I am also targeting a recently published book by  Bertrand Grospellier (ELKY), Raiser's Edge as it focus on advanced tournament strategies.

Until next time - Keep up the Grind!!!

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