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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Grinding till the river*

The latest word that's been widely used amongst my poker playing friends is "grind". Tonight I tried it and it all most paid! I was invited to the weekly high stakes poker night. There was a 8 seated table... Started the night off dry, card dead. Could even hit the flop. So I stuck it out for the 1st hour n a bit... Till I came down to about R75. Got K5 suited and pushed! Hit the board hard, full house 5s over Ks (triple up)...
I tried to keep it tight, until I wobbled down to R140 got pocket 5s and pushed. 4callers hit a set on the flop!!!
*You can see grinding was working out too well for me, I decided to loosen up, go big or go home... I made a few solid bluffs and big raises with bottom n middle pairs, it paid off managed to expand to about R800...
-then I get dealt JJ. Raise preflop. Board 7 9 Q... Bet on flop (one caller), turn 3. Push all in. He folds... Have about R1400!

Now this is where it gets intense... I go on a card hot streak: QQ, AK, 10s all winning preflop. Takes me 2 about R2100... I get Ac8d I raise. Two callers, including big stack. Flop comes [Kd 4d As]... He bets R200. I push the remaining R1400 all in. Other player gets out the way! Big stack tanks for 5minutes. And makes the call with (5d3d). Turn 6h. Rivers a diamond. Pot was roughly 4k...
-> Insane! I am still replaying the hand in my head... I couldn't of played it any other way. Yes, maybe I could of kept it cheap with my Ace. But that allows him 2 wait for the Diamond, where as now I made him earn it... (He had about 11outs including the straight draw). I still feel that was a sick call...

I consulted the hand with a few poker colleagues and they agree I did all I could... Will have to wait a while before I can take some revenge.
He had about 40% chance on the flop though.

However, tonight reminded me an important lesson. Even if you are card dead for hours, the cards will come in dozens eventually. Stay positive n be patient.

Anyway, hopefully I can sleep and the hand doesn't haunt me tonight. I will catch you on the flop side!!

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