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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

World Series of Poker Africa.

The highest staked sports event on the planet found its way to the continent of Africa, infact right on our doorstep - Emerald resort and casino. However, despite not having entrants and prize money to the quantity Europe and the US attract it was still a very successful tournament. Having a living legend of the Scotty “The Prince” Nguyen as the host.
The series ran from the February 21 - 26. All building up to the main event! To my complete satisfaction a local took the crown Joe-boy Rahme, Well done! I watched the final hand and once Rahme won the entire arena erupted, South Africa has become very passionate about poker.

Despite the first prize only being $158 595 (R1.197mil), it is a very big win for the tight knit poker community of South Africa. The final table was filled with South African players from all over the country two from Cape Town: Brad Flynn and Mark Mulhall; the majority of the table was made up of Jo-burgers.

Joe-boy's acceptance speech mentioned alot of promise in South African poker and our participation on the world stage. Unfortunately I missed the few Satellites hosted in Cape Town, really wish more Satellites would come down south.

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