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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


The World Bloggers Championship of Online Poker has been underway since last Thursday, I have been very busy with varsity and life but managed to squeeze in one sitting. Event #5 NLHE. I played a little rushed as its been a while since my last online tournament, think I place 180 or so.
>> I could blame my early exit on the rust, but the main issue I had after post analyses, was the fact that I played too many hands. K.-7 and K-8 off suit do not deserve the respect I gave them, need to regain my focus. 

There are 13 tournaments remaining, all building up to Sundays MAIN EVENT climax!
I am fixing my schedule so as to have time to play in atleast 3 of the remaining tournaments namely: Event #23 and #24 - NLHE and NL Omaha respectively.

Each tournament will require different strategy, I will save that for my post match report LOL.

It is incredible how many bloggers play poker there are currently over 50 000 players logged into Pokerstars. I kinda hope this tournament not only brings about success in a bloggers poker career but also increase the exposure with in the blogging world.

So lets Shuffle up and Blog!

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